A Guided Meditation for

Relaxation & Wellness Guided Imagery for Daily Relaxation, Facing Stressful Situations with Centered Calm, and Sustaining the Peace, Uplift and Gratitude of an Open Heart

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A Meditation for Heartbreak

Abandonment & Betrayal- Guided Imagery and Affirmations to Restore Wholeness, Self-Esteem and Balance after a Devastating Loss

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Music Dogs Love

While You Are Gone (Calm Music for Dogs Relaxation & Separation Anxiety)

124 reviews
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Guided Meditations to Help

with Anxiety & Panic- Three Brief Anxiety Relieving Exercises, Plus Guided Imagery & Affirmations for Reducing or Eliminating Panic Attacks and Achieving Deep Relaxation

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Gain Freedom From Fears and Project Strength (Paraliminal) (The Ultimate You Library)

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Guided Self-Hypnosis to Help

Free Yourself from Procrastination- Hypnotic Guided Imagery to Reduce Anxiety and Support Healthy, Timely, Focused Work Habits

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A Guided Meditation to

Help with Chemotherapy  - Guided imagery and Affirmations to Reduce Anxiety and the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

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Beat Anxiety Hypnosis CD

- Don't let anxiety take over your life. Overcome it now and release yourself from it's grip! It's time to get over those anxious feelings!

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Stop Panic Attacks

Self Hypnosis to Overcome Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Hypnotherapy CD

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