StressGrip - Stress Relief

for Adults (Large) - A Stress & Anxiety Relief Device - Comfortable Hand Exerciser - Stress Reliever & Hand Gripper - Black

$14.99 ($14.99 / Count)
223 reviews
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Power Your Fun Arggh

Beaded Stress Ball for Adults and Kids - Squishy Water Bead Filled Stress Ball Fidget Toy, Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief Sensory Ball Squeeze Toy

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Sensory Bracelets for Boys

and Girls with Autism, ADHD, SPD – Fun Tactile Stimulation Fidget Toy for Kids with Anxiety & Special Needs (8 Pack)

$10.95 ($1.37 / Count)
117 reviews
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Power Your Fun Arggh

Mini Glitter Stress Balls for Adults and Kids - 3pk Squishy Stress Ball Fidget Toys, Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief Sensory Ball Squeeze Toys (Yellow, Pink, Blue)

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Motivational Stress Balls for

Adults Anxiety Stress Relief Hand Therapy Exerciser Squeeze Fidget Toy Strengthener (3pack)

$12.99 ($4.33 / Count)
1244 reviews
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Sensory Toys for Alzheimer

Patients Anxiety Relief Autistic Dementia Therapeutic Tool (Cyan)

$39.32 ($3.38 / Ounce)
11 reviews
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CanDo Sitting Wedge Active

Seat Wobble Cushion for Posture, Back Pain, Stress Relief, Restlessness and Anxiety. Child Size, 10" x 10"

330 reviews
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Sensory Compression Blanket |

Lycra Bed Sheet for Kids & Adults | Deep Relaxing Feeling, Release Oxytocin | Helps With: SDP, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism and More | Breathable, Cool & Stretchable | Full Size

$27.99 ($27.99 / Count)
617 reviews
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Heating Pad for Neck

and Shoulders with Aromatherapy Herbs | Microwavable Wrap for Heat Therapy Pain Relief | Reusable Weighted Hot/Cold Pack | Eases Soreness, Anxiety, Headache (Grey)

$25.99 ($25.99 / Count)
573 reviews
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2 Pack Sensory Chewing

Bracelet for Autism ADHD Oral Motor Children with Cotton Fabric Fidget Bracelet to Stress and Anxiety Relief

$9.99 ($9.99 / Count)
5 reviews
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Sensory Sack (Medium)

Body Sock, Calming Therapy Blanket, Sensory Toys Stress Relief, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Tactile Items for Therapeutic Play, Kids Fidget Toy, Body Pod in Lavender - Sensory4U

$23.95 ($23.95 / Count)
144 reviews
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hand2mind Sensory Fidget Tubes

Anxiety Relief Toy, Occupational Therapy Toys, Fidget Toys for Kids, Kids Sensory Toys For Sensory Play, Anxiety Relief Items for Kids, Liquid Motion Bubbler (Set of 4)

410 reviews
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Vive Sensory Rings (12

Piece) - Metal Spiky Fidget Band - for Anxiety, Stress Relief, Kids, Women, Men, Children - Silent Finger Massage Roller - for Acupressure, Home, School, Car and Travel

$9.49 ($0.79 / Count)
170 reviews
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Heating Pad for Neck

and Shoulders | Microwavable Weighted Heat Therapy Wrap with 100% Natural Aromatherapy Herbs | Microwave Hot/Cold Pack for Pain & Anxiety Relief, Tension Headache Migraines & More

420 reviews
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Special Supplies Sensory Compression

Vest Deep Pressure Comfort for Autism, Hyperactivity, Mood Processing Disorders, Breathable, Form-Fitting, Kids and Adults (Black, Large 24x42 inches)

$55.95 ($55.95 / Count)
766 reviews
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Fun and Function -

Blue Weighted Compression Vest for Kids & Adults - Sensory Tool for Autism, ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder - Deep Pressure for Anxiety & Sensory Issues - Medium

556 reviews
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3 Pack Push Pop

Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy, Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys for Kids Adults, Silicone Anxiety Reliever Toy Squeeze Sensory Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever for Girls Boys Teens Men

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I Came I Saw

I Had Anxiety So I Left Mug Funny Sarcasm Coffee Cup - 11oz

60 reviews
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